Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

We live and breathe data and are Data crunchers, analyzers, and reconcilers by heart. From data management architecture and planning, to business intelligence, operational and dashboard reporting, we extract information out of data that enables organizations to manage operations to desired outcomes.


Ascella leverages its experience in working with unstructured and structured data to develop a data strategy that aligns with organizational goals.

We have assisted agencies in developing conceptual, logical, and physical data models and implementing solutions that empower stakeholders with the information and insight needed to reduce operational risks and better achieve strategic goals. We utilize the tools and software that are part of our client's Technical Reference Model. Our expertise includes the following platforms:

  • SAP Business Objects
  • SAS
  • Informatica
  • Clover ETL
  • MicroStrategy
  • Tableau
  • IBM Data Stage

What we do

  • Data Strategy, Governance, and Architecture

    Our team of experts leverages their experience building out highly consumed Federal and Commercial Data Warehouses and Repositories to analyze your information needs, and develop Information Management plans that can evolve for years in alignment with your business. We accomplish this by gaining deep insight of the evolving supply chain of your data and provide recommendations that align with your long term static and short term operational goals.

  • Data Rendering and Reporting Solutions that utilize structured data in relational, XBRL and XML / JSON formats, as well as unstructured data

    We have deep expertise in XBRL and have delivered some of the most complex solutions for a Federal agency that has pioneered the use of XBRL in Government.

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

    We have developed complex operational reports, management dashboards, and data visualization solutions for agencies. We specialize in optimizing the performance of complex reports that sift through millions of records of data utilizing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) strategies that compile operational data from numerous systems and data sources using agency standard tools.