Collaboration & Cloud Services

Our expert engineers leverage Microsoft cloud platforms including SharePoint and Office 365 to automate your business processes, enable knowledge management and collaboration across your divisions and offices.


Ascella enjoys deep and broad experience in Microsoft SharePoint and the related suite of collaboration and cloud technologies. Whether your agency is running a SharePoint environment and needs help utilizing it to its full capabilities or merely considering a new SharePoint implementation, our experts can help.

We have successfully delivered robust SharePoint-based solutions to agencies that streamlined their complex processes and provided real-time insights into their ongoing activities. Our expertise includes the following Microsoft technologies:

  • SharePoint (on-premises)
  • SharePoint Online and Office 365
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • InfoPath
  • PowerApps
  • Flow
  • PerformancePoint
  • PowerBI

What we do

  • New SharePoint Implementation

    If SharePoint is not yet deployed in your agency, we can methodically help you plan, design, and deploy a new SharePoint implementation; either on-premises (SharePoint 2016 Server) or in the cloud (Office 365) or as a Hybrid solution encompassing a bit of both. We will help you introduce SharePoint in the organization, champion user adoption, manage the cultural change, train your users and IT staff, and leverage SharePoint to its full potential.

  • SharePoint Services and Support

    Ascella enjoys vast capabilities in helping our government clients maintain and optimize their existing SharePoint investments including providing farm administration, performance optimization, patch management and user support. Our multi-tiered support model provides your end-users with quick problem resolution, training, education and mentoring. Our experts can also help you tap into SharePoint's numerous features and implement industry's best practices.

  • Upgrades and Cloud Migration

    Our SharePoint upgrade and migration capabilities utilize a well-defined, tried and true methodology, which Ascella has successfully applied in previous engagements with government clients. Upgrading from one SharePoint version to the next or migrating from on-premises to the cloud is a complex process that requires careful planning and flawless execution. Our team of migration experts can show you the way to ensure your upgrade is successful all with minimal service disruption and zero loss of content or solutions.

  • Business Process Automation

    Our developers and designers are proficient in streamlining your business processes on the SharePoint platform by creating custom workflows, electronic forms and dashboards that increase worker productivity, eliminate inefficiencies and offer greater visibility into work progress.

  • Custom Solutions

    Ascella knows how to push the limits of SharePoint to build web applications with features and functionalities custom tailored to your specific needs. We have developed SharePoint applications for government agencies that reduced their operational costs significantly while speeding up their delivery time.