Enterprise Costing and Analysis

Ascella's Enterprise Costing and Analysis Services (ECAS) leverages rigorous financial management practices to help government agencies better understand the relationship between resource consumption and the outputs or outcomes they are responsible for.


Ascella provides expert support services for various costing solutions, such as SAP Profitability and Cost Management (PCM). Costing solutions like PCM are used in the public and private sector to model the flow of complex financial data throughout an organization.

What we do

  • Understanding Overhead

    Helping clients understand how overhead expenses are consumed across an organization and leveraging this information to build technology-based solutions that provide insight into the true cost of operations.

  • Understanding Outputs

    Helping clients understand the unit cost associated with service-delivery, making service-oriented strategies more efficient.

  • Data Driven Decisions and What-If Analysis

    Developing technology-based solutions to model hypothetical business scenarios.

  • Time and Attendance Systems Integration

    Offering expertise to support Time and Attendance (T&A) system implementations, with a focus on integrating T&A data with robust costing methodologies.

  • Revenue Streams and Full Cost Recovery

    Helping clients implement costing methodologies that are inclusive or revenue streams, with a focus on federal revenue methodologies and full-cost recovery.