Focus Update On New York-Based Team Members​
Since June 2017 Ascella has been assisting SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) in helping identify compliance and fraud issues among registrants.

Ascella assists the SEC with conducting examinations of registrants, such as broker dealers and investment advisors.
As part of this support, our team performs data analysis of registrant data including purchases and sales of securities.
Some of the work our team based in SEC’s New York regional office performs include insider trading and money laundering analysis.

OCIE conducts a National Exam Program for registrants, such as broker dealers and investment advisors.   The focus of the exam varies depending on the registrant profile, and Ascella supports the SEC examiners to verify compliance.

The Ascella team is distributed between three locations: Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York. For this release of our newsletter, we have featured our New York team who are based in SEC’s New York Regional Office (NYRO) located a block away from the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. Future updates will focus on our OCIE project team members located at other SEC regional offices.

Our NYRO-based team has been very effective in identifying possible compliance issues and then coordinating further analysis with SEC’s Enforcement division.  Types of possible compliance issues we address include insider trading, money laundering, and overcharging of commissions and fees, to name a few.

As our team continues to support the OCIE National Exam Program, we are leveraging new tools and analytical approaches to improve SEC’s execution of its mission to protect the investor community. 

Chris Stauffer