Timekeeping, why is it critical for Federal Contractors?
Full and accurate timekeeping is imperative for Federal contractors. All employees must accurately record hours each day, recording time spent on direct client work, as well as indirect activities (e.g., training or company meetings) and time spent on leave. This information is required to demonstrate that costs claimed have actually been incurred, and is regularly audited by the government.

Ascella’s timekeeping policy and procedures provide detailed guidance on timekeeping requirements for all employees and independent contractors. In the near future, Ascella HR plans to provide training to new hires, current employees and independent contractors on keeping timesheets up to date in compliance with federal regulations. Strict observance of timekeeping procedures is necessary for us to adhere to our contractual obligations and facilitates accurate invoicing and payroll processing.

It is not unusual for the government to conduct random audits and impose sanctions for non-compliance on individuals, as well as on the company.  To avoid these very unpleasant consequences, it is each person’s responsibility to develop the discipline to perform the simple task of entering all hours on a daily basis and submitting the timesheets on time at the end of every pay period.

Arlette Yogo