The HR Team--ever interested in the health and well-being of Ascella staff--offers these 5 tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays:

  1. Be Active With Family and Friends
    If you can, work up a sweat; but, activities as simple as a family walk will use plenty of calories. Besides, bonding with your loved ones will also get your mind off food.
  2. Choose Desserts Wisely and Enjoy
    Select only deserts that will really satisfy and be careful to savor them slowly and mindfully. Ditch the rest (good luck doing this)
  3. Use a Smaller Plate
    This simple trick is a proven technique to avoid diet disasters
  4. Avoid Processed Food
    Spend more time in the kitchen with your family making meals and baked goods from scratch instead using boxed or frozen preparations.
  5. Skip Seconds
    Yes, this is really hard L with holiday meals that are often served buffet style. Who isn’t tempted to have seconds (or maybe even thirds), right?).  Just honestly assess your hunger when you finish your first plate. If you’re still hungry, you can have a little more food. If you’re not, stay away from the buffet and enjoy conversation with family and friends.