Simplifying Budget Formulation and Execution

Ascella's GovCycle is a robust budget solution, deployable on-premise or in the cloud, that supports the planning, execution, and reporting needs of Federal agencies. Our solution features a powerful workflow and out-of-the-box, budget-based forms that can be easily configured to meet your organization’s specific needs. Additionally, GovCycle components favor configuration over complex customizations, reducing development time, overall maintenance, and allowing customers to maximize self-service.



Key Benefits and Features

  • Budget Process Optimization and Configuration: GovCycle can be leveraged to implement multi-stage, multi-dimensional, and multi-user budget and planning processes.
  • DATA Act Reporting: Supports end-to-end DATA Act reporting activities, including the generation of File B and File C, through standardized, integrated processes.
  • Rapid Form Development: Initial configuration of budget forms takes hours – not days. Instead of relying on dense design documentation that is difficult to visualize, customers can validate design early and often through interactive demonstrations and usable prototypes.
  • Workflow Driven: Supports client-configurable, workflow-driven processes that simplify and make transparent the status of budget and planning requests and related communications between users.
  • Integrated Real-time Validations: Data validations are configurable, reusable, and automatically applied in a consistent, user-friendly manner.
  • Built-in Dashboard and Reporting Libraries: Includes a standard, widget-based dashboard that offers permission-based views of all system data. The dashboard includes a standard reporting library that can be integrated with any customer-preferred reporting application.
  • Easy Interfacing: Supports interfacing of data and transactions with federal financial systems, including Oracle Federal Financials, CGI Momentum, SAP, and other legacy applications.
  • Robust Security and Administration Module: Multi-dimensional security and permissions, including single sign-on and centralized administration of users and permissions.
  • Flexible Implementations and Scalability: Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and can be scaled to support both small and large organizations due to its microservice architecture and lightweight client.
  • Complies with NIST 800-53: On-premise implementations of GovCycle have been certified by our federal customers to comply with NIST 800-53 controls.

Awards & Recognitions

GovCycle was recognized as a featured solution during the Federal Budget Line of Business (BLoB) 2017 Spring Forum.

Contract Vehicles

  • GS-06F-0674Z
  • PSS: GS-00F-126CA;
    IT Sch. 70: GS-35F-0134W
  • 47QRAD20D1094
  • 334613, 518210, 519190, 523930, 541219, 541330, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541613, 541614, 541618, 541690, 541713, 541990, 561110