Robotic Process Automation

Ascella understands that technology alone will not make an organization’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative a success. Ascella takes a holistic approach to RPA addressing technology, business process, organizational, and governance aspects to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.


Ascella has years of experience optimizing our customers’ business processes using process engineering and technology tools. Prior to the advent of RPA, Ascella built maintainable custom scripts to automate common, repeatable, and manually-intensive tasks, freeing up valuable time for the organization to focus on higher-value work.

While RPA now allows business power users to create their own automations, it comes with an “organizational tax.” IT organizations must develop RPA governance processes that promote IT system security and mitigate risks without being overly burdensome for users.

Our RPA engineers and process analysts have the knowledge and expertise to help our customers select and implement the appropriate RPA platform, build bots, and develop an RPA governance framework tailored to the organization’s needs.

What we do

  • RPA Platform Deployment Services

    If your organization has just embarked on your “RPA Journey,” Ascella can help assess your RPA needs, identify a suitable RPA platform, and conduct a pilot to ensure the solution meets your needs. We can also fully support the design and lifecycle activities required to deploy the RPA platform into production.

  • RPA Platform Operations Services

    Ascella can provide 24/7 operational support for your RPA platform, including ensuring your RPA solution stays on the latest patch level, supporting RPA change and bot deployment activities, and monitoring and alerting your organization to any potential issues with bot execution.

    We also manage platform scaling activities in support of capacity management. As your RPA activities grow, our RPA engineers perform license management activities, including monitoring existing licenses, purchasing new licenses, and reclaiming unused licenses.

  • RPA Training and Customer Outreach Services

    Ascella’s RPA training staff can help get the word out to your business units about your organization’s new RPA capabilities. Our team also assists with developing a customer outreach program through video, email, and print material.

    Our RPA engineers and trainers also provide training services to business power users who are interested in building bots, including coaching for new bot developers to quickly get them up to speed.

  • RPA Bot Development Services

    Ascella’s RPA engineers know what it takes to build robust bots. Our team manages the full bot development lifecycle, including estimation, process engineering, requirements definition, building, testing, and deployment.

    Based on our knowledge from supporting RPA initiatives, we have developed a proprietary bot assessment tool to help identify your business processes that will benefit the most from bot automation.

  • RPA Governance Services

    Ascella’s governance process consultants work with your organization’s various governance teams (Lifecycle, Change Management, Release Management, IT Security, and others) to develop tailored governance processes for RPA development, assessment, approval, and deployment. Our team develops approval checklists for bot developers to ensure they understand the criteria for successful bot deployment.

  • Bot Template Services

    Customers who are far along their “RPA Journey” look for ways to leverage existing bot code for common tasks on multiple projects. We will work with your organization to identify common use cases like single sign-on, file transfer, or error handling, and develop a library of reusable bot templates to help your bot developers improve the consistency and reliability of their automations.